Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nature's Pearl Owner

WOW! What a night. We had a special Thanksgiving meeting where Jerry Smith, the owner of Le Bleu Corp. and Nature's Pearl, gave away five $50 bills, a $50 gift card, and some skin care product. He also gave everybody that came a six pack of Le Bleu water and a bottle of Nature's Pearl 100% Muscadine juice. And if you brought a guest, they received a bottle of Muscadine 20 Ultra Rich lotion. It was an exciting night. Dr. Tessler and Jerry Smith spoke at the meeting. Dr. Tessler had so many good things to say about your health and Jerry Smith is always a great speaker. This is the best company that I have been involved with. Jerry gives away so much to his distributors and the guest that they bring. It was a very interesting evening. Maybe he will have a repeat for Christmas. What a great company to work with!