Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nature's Pearl Muscadine 20 Skin Care is 100% Toxic Free

Here are some of the things you won't find in the Muscadine 20 skin care line:

No Phthalates (hormone disruptors)
No DEA (linked to cancer in lab animals)
No Alcohol
No Formaldehyde

Nothing but 100% toxic free ingredients! Give your skin what it needs from the natural power of the muscadine.

Muscadine 20™ Ultra Rich Lotion — 8 oz.

Natural moisturizer-Luxury for Face and Body-Delivers natural antioxidants to enrich the skin

Next we have the Muscadine 20™ Rejuvenating Skin Polish — 4 oz.

Exfoliating scrub leaves skin radiant and glowing-All Natural Cleanser, Gentle Exfoliator, Renewing
Rejuveninating Skin Polish enhances absorption of moisturizers-Ideally use once or twice weekly to maintain soft, permeable skin

Muscadine 20™ Skin Renewal Serum — 1 oz

Tightens and Tones-For clear rejuvenated skin apply twice daily-Layer under moisturizer for added benefits

Muscadine 20™ Soothing Relief Spray — 2 oz

Cools and Relieves-Botanically infused-Apply daily to comfort troubled skin

Muscadine 20 (TM) Gentle Foaming Cleanser — 8 oz

Naturally Refreshes-All Over Purifier-Conditions & Smooths

I use this skin care and let me tell you that it is wonderful. I use the Relief Spray for mosquito bites, and I have sprayed it in my ear for an earache. A friend of mine sprayed it in her throat when she had a sore throat. There are so many uses for this spray.

And after using the Serum for just two months, the age spots on my face were drastically reduced in appearance.

The great thing about this skin care line is the fact that it is made with Muscadine grape extract which is the best thing you can put on your skin or in your body.

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